ending mass incarceration

We can end the cycle of mass incarceration, joblessness, and the criminalization of poverty that has traumatized our community and held back generations of Milwaukee residents if we take action now to dismantle the prison industrial complex. The 16th Assembly District has the dubious distinction of including the most incarcerated zip code in Wisconsin: 53206. As a state legislator, there are several things Supreme will do to begin to end the crisis of mass incarceration and create opportunity and economic security for our community. 

  • Decriminalize marijuana: I will introduce and champion legislation to secure amnesty for those convicted of non-violent marijuana related crimes, and the expungement of their records. 
  • Close MSDF: I will introduce and champion legislation to close the dungeon known as the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility. 
  • Count people fairly: I supports counting incarcerated individuals as residents of their home community for purposes of calculating state aid to local communities
  • Restore voting rights: I oppose the loss voting privileges as a condition of any convicted individual’s extended supervision, and will champion legislation to restore voting rights.
  • Restore driving privileges: I support the restoration of driving privileges for most formerly incarcerated individuals and sharp limits on the revocation of driving privileges as a condition of any convicted individual’s extended supervision. 

legalize and decriminalize and tax marijuana to fund out schools

The war on drugs has been a failure. By legalizing marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, we can create a new industry that will generate tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue for our schools. Our public schools have been underfunded for too long, but we can ensure that Milwaukee’s youth can get the education they deserve. Other states have shown that this can work, successfully generating tens of millions of dollars in new revenue for education. 

  • Legalize it: I will introduce and champion legislation to legalize marijuana statewide. 
  • Decriminalize it: I will introduce and champion legislation to decriminalize marijuana. 
  • Tax and regulate it: Taxing commercial marijuana sales will generate millions of dollars for our public schools. I will introduce and champion legislation to ensure this new revenue source is used to fully fund public education. 

development without displacement

As development dollars reshape our neighborhoods, we must balance the drive for growth with right of everyone to have access to affordable housing. The profit motive behind gentrification - while bringing new investment - can push families out of neighborhoods where they have lived for generations.

  • I will support legislation that helps keep housing affordable I will work to limit the gentrification effect of increasing rents that comes with speculative development in low-income areas.
  • I will support Just Cause Eviction Protection for tenants Housing is a human right.


Milwaukee has a proud tradition of fighting for equal access to housing, but there still an epidemic of housing insecurity. Our neighborhoods have been devastated by both the foreclosure and eviction crises. Losing one’s home through eviction or foreclosure is another form of trauma experienced by our community that we can no longer accept as normal.

  • I will work to expand tenants rights and propose a “tenants bill of rights” for Wisconsin.
  • I will support legislation to expand renter’s access to affordable legal services, which has been shown to dramatically reduce the likelihood of eviction.

Private, for-profit development projects that seek public financing, like the Milwaukee Bucks arena, or the Foxconn deal, always promise many public benefits. These typically include job creation and increased economic activity. Too often there is a willingness to accept these promises without guarantees or accountability measures. The state legislature should use its leverage to insist on broadly shared public benefits any time that taxpayers help subsidize private development.

  • I supported the Good Jobs Agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks because it ensured union rights for workers and a pathway to good wages, but I believe we can go even further with these types of community benefits agreements.
  • I will support legislation to ensure large scale development projects that are subsidized with taxpayer money are required to develop and implement an anti-displacement plan.
  • I will support legislation to ensure development projects that are subsidized with taxpayer money guarantee full union rights and pay a living wage based on the local economy.
  • I will work to require accountability measures for private developers who benefit from taxpayer subsidies, such as “claw-back” measures to recovery taxpayer dollars if promised benefits don’t materialize.